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I can think of few ways to live artfully and fully alive.

1. Try new things. This will keep you creative, and constantly growing and changing.

2. Be interested in and kind and helpful to others. This will keep you connected to mankind and a beautiful person, and helpful as well. And, well, just plain giving and beneficial to others.

3. Have a relationship with God. This will keep you spiritual. Being spiritual will keep you moral, full of wisdom, and full of good judgment. It will keep you kind. It will make you a good citizen, as well as ready to help your fellow man.

4. Work hard and play hard! Sometimes you’ll need to be real serious. But sometimes you’ll need to be joyful, playful, and light hearted.

5. Remain positive and goal oriented at all times. Set goals during your lifetime and work to accomplish them.

6. Accept help during your lifetime, whether it be a spiritual director, minister, life coach, counselor, therapist, etc, so that you are not stuck.

7. Learn coping skills to make it through any rough periods in life.

8. Learn to be a giver and not a taker, although you must also learn to set some boundaries.

9. Take care of your health — such as physical, mental, etc. Don’t forget to exercise, eat, etc. on a regular basis.

10. Find or create a job you love to do! Do not settle until you do so.

11. Follow you dreams, whether it be a great job, or having children. Or both.

12. Stay connected to friends, family, and other people (especially on Social Media sites such as Twitter!

I think I live artfully, at least a bit. I would add one of my ideas of life I defined as “Passion”. Not only in love, but in everything you do, to put a little peace of you in what you do. It is a way to restore the equilibrium (word that defines my way of life). Every day the worlds give us a lot of things: energy, knowledge, good friends, beauty… Try to give back all that, even in the simple things. Life is made of thousands if little and simple thing

You know the type:  self-possessed, confident, the kind of person who energizes a room. The kind of person who is alive to everything around them, who makes everyone they focus their attention on feel they could do more, they could be more.

Be like this… especially ‘Pay Attention’ to your sorroundings, you will find mysteries.



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