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MNP (Mobile Number Portability) has been launched

Posted on: April 6, 2007

MNP (Mobile Number Portability) has been launched on 23 March across Pakistan . But what is it and how it works?

Let me answer a few questions. 

So what is Mobile Number Portability?
It is the ability to move from your current Network Operator to another
and still keep your complete cell number (including the 4-digit prefix
such as 0345).

What is ‘porting’?
The actual transferring of your phone number and services from one Network Operator to another.

Port out : Change your subscription from your current Network Operator and move to another.
Port in
: Opposite of Port out.

what number can be ported?
All MSISDNs of all six operators:

  • Mobilink (0300, 0301, 0302, 0306)
  • Ufone (0333, 0334)
  • Telenor (0345, 0346,0344)
  • Warid (0321, 0322)
  • Paktel (0303)
  • InstaPhone (0320)

What does Donor mean?
If you are porting, the Donor is your current Network Operator.

What does Recipient mean?
If you are porting, the Recipient is the Network Operator to whom you wish to port.

How often can I port?
You can request a port only once in 60 days from the date of a successful
porting. After 60 days a new port can be requested, but remember that
if you are a contract subscriber that you will always be responsible
for the outstanding balance on your subscriber contract, so frequent
porting could become quite costly.

What papers does a customer need to fill out?
Depending on whether a customer is a prepaid or postpaid customer, the following
will need to be presented to the Recipient Network Operator:

  • Completed application form
  • A written request on company letterhead (for corporate customers)
  • CNIC Copy
  • Your actual SIM

How long does porting take?
It takes 4 working days to port a number, provided you have no
obligation/liability on your existing cellular network. Your
subscription will remain active during these 4 days except for some
brief interruption in services (10-15 mins) when actual porting occurs.

When will the actual activation or deactivation take place?
Actual Deactivation at the Donor’s end will take place on the 4th day. As soon
as the Donor Operator terminates and sends confirmation message to
Recipient Operator, Recipient Operator immediately activates the
number. In response Recipient Operator will also send a message to
Donor Operator and Other Operators about successful Activation of the
number so that they can update the call routing information at their

 Which of our packages can a customer choose?
Customers can choose any of our packages (prepaid or postpaid) regardless of their existing package.

Hope it will help


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