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Red-Haired Older Son

Posted on: July 29, 2006

Two mothers met in the street. They started talking about their children. “I have three sons,” said the first mother. “How old are they?” asked the second.

Well, it’s easy to figure this out,” replied the first mother. “The product of their ages is equal to 36 and the sum of their ages is equal to the number of windows in the house across the street.”

The second mother thought for a while and said, “What you’ve told me is not sufficient to solve your problem.” “Oh, yes, the older one is red-haired,” replied the first mother and the second solved the problem.

What were the ages of the first mother’s sons?

Try this one. its interesting…:)

will discuss answer later on.


5 Responses to "Red-Haired Older Son"

well i guess make factors of 36 n u get

4*3*3.. so i guess theres no logic of RED hairs its just for confussion..!!

I hope so..:)

waiting for answer..!

there are many more factorials than just 4-4-3 that produce 36. the confusing part is to realize that the mother knows how many windows there are in the house across the street. 1-6-6 and 2-2-9 gives the same sum i.e 13, if the number of windows in the house across the streets had been different from 13 the mother would have been able to reply. But now she cannot until she gets the information that one of the boys is older than the others. so 2-2-9 it is.

well mr. joachim why 13 ..? why are you saying that sum is 13..? wht is the logic of this sum. ? i mean wht 13 has to do with no of windows in house windows can be 10 12 3 or 7 ..!!! ? plz will u explain me that.?

because 1,6,6 and 2,2,9 are the combinations among all possible factors which give the equal sum. this is why the second mother got confused ! Try by putting down all possible factors on a paper and then re reading the puzzle from start. hth.



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